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Interface Conversion between Different Pressure Units of Oil Pump Gear

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Oil pump gear head, also known as pump head. The elevator is the energy value of the flange unit weight from the liquid pump to the pump outlet pump outlet pump inlet flange from the pump inlet flange. The effective energy obtained is Newtonian liquid passing through the pump. Energy gets liquid per unit weight through the head of the pump. Pump head, including suction. Approximate to the pump outlet and inlet pressure.
There are essential differences between oil pump gear pressure measurement unit conversion tools and other units. Common pressure unit conversion tables, pressure unit conversion tables can only list the corresponding pressure units and pressure unit conversion tables, do not give their own specific pressure measurement units or different pressure units conversion or translation relations.
PA exactly means: n/m2
This unit is too small, so MPA: Trauma and Pain
A unit of power, Newton, 1 kilogram = 9.8 Newton
So one kilogram per square centimeter = 9.8 x 10 ^(-2) trauma and pain
It can be said that the pressure unit conversion table will have great limitations, but the use of pressure unit conversion formula to calculate has certain advantages, because it is a pressure unit conversion table. The pressure unit conversion tool can replace the common pressure unit conversion table and avoid the inconvenience caused by using the pressure unit conversion formula. It converts any of the following pressure units or pressure units: 1, a common pressure unit conversion. For example, the conversion between Mpa and kPa or Pa or conversion of "home ownership allowance" for pressure units.
2. Interface conversion between two different pressure units. For example: conversion or conversion between Mpa and PSI.
_On the conversion of pressure units and pressure unit conversion: The so-called pressure unit conversion refers to the pressure unit conversion mode when different pressure units, pressure and the converted weight value is "1".
For example: 1 MPa equals PSI, 1 mbar equals trauma and pain. Pressure unit conversion is not limited to pressure value and pressure unit.
For example: how much is 1.5 Mpa PSI and how much kPa is 1.5 m p a PSI. Strictly speaking, the concept of pressure unit conversion is different from that of pressure unit conversion.


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